An unseen scriptwriter, driven by lofty ambitions but stymied by crippling self-doubt, struggles to complete his latest work. As his obsessive neurotic monologue becomes ever more hysterical, his isolation threatens both his magnum opus and what remains of his sanity.


A narrative film crafted entirely from Internet-sourced stock footage and appropriated sound, the piece parallels the lonely comic role of the scriptwriter with the equally compulsive control the filmmaker exerts in the edit. As the manipulation and control of information become apparent, it forces the viewer to question everything they witness. In the era of Post-Truth politics, social media gaslighting and “fake news,” our unwilling complicity in the erosion of fundamental facts poses the sinister question: If we can’t trust what we see and hear, what can we trust?


Screen Bytes at Birmingham Weekender, The Engine Room, 05/10/2019

ShortFuse, Mockingbird Cinema, 30/7/2019

Film Free & Easy, Leicester Print Workshop, 25/1/2019

Open Studios, Grand Union, 3/8/2018

AIR, Birmingham School of Art, 20/3/2018

© David F Poole