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David F Poole - Artist Filmmaker



The “Lost In Space Series” uses the cinematic language of science fiction, with the accompanying thematic expression of society’s hopes and fears, to explore notions of the heroic and pathetic, ambition and failure, paralleling the artist becoming an astronaut on screen with self-actualising as an artist and filmmaker in reality.




4 min (Excerpt)

Furniture pallets, MDF, 4 tablet screens and suspended MDF projection screen, looped video projection, 7mins


The Console pushes the artist's reconsideration of the cinema screen further, creating a theatrical environment for the videos to inhabit. Built entirely from wood, whilst unsuitable for space flight on closer scrutiny, from a distance it appears more genuine, drawing out the illusory quality of cinema in sculptural installation form. The videos themselves, highly cinematic in their use of lighting and sound, directly address creative anxiety and failure.



2:12mins (Excerpt)

3 freestanding projection screens, MDF & wood stand looped video projection, 5mins


"The Monoliths" display looped playful films with a sense of childlike pretend, pastiching Hollywood special effects and classic science fiction cinema to undercut the heroic ideal of space exploration. The three monolithic screens and the disruption of the image through projection challenge traditional passive engagement with the cinema screen.

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