Temporary site-specific Video installation commissioned by BPN Architects as part of their 20th Anniversary celebrations.

"LOADING... BAY" playfully transformed the BPN garage space from functional to fun, Creating a virtual beach environment through video and sculptural elements, the piece references computer technology and gaming, as well as construction and a sense of the childlike pretend.

The video dominated the space, evoking a beach environment through sound and image. The load bar hints that the seascape is merely virtual, while punning on the term “loading bay.” With the bright colours, sunshine and idyllic landscape, it creates a relaxing place into which the viewer can escape, even for a few moments.

The materials used within the installation are linked by the different meanings of the word "grain:" a grain of sand, grain of wood, and the grain of an image. The sandpit full of builder’s sand adds to the illusion of a beach, whilst also referencing the building trade and an architect’s fundamental role in the built environment. It also suggests imagination; a sandpit is an enclosed space that, in the mind of a child, reaches limitless possibilities. In the same way, through the creative power of their imaginations, both architects and artists expand the potential of our world and its surroundings.


The original video can be viewed below, along with a feature on the exhibition from Quarter Life Magazine:


5 mins 19 secs


© David F Poole